The hydroelectric power plant “Spilje” produced 57 percent more electricity than forecasted

The hydroelectric power plant “Spilje” in Debar last year produced 395 million kilowatt hours of electricity which is 57 percent more than the annual plan.

Last year’s production was higher for 156 million kilowatt hours than the previous year. This, officials say, is due to favorable hydrological conditions of Debar catchment area which includes Radica and Black Drim rivers, especially in the period from February to May, and optimization of the production facilities.

- The annual plan of 252 million kilowatt -hours was realized in mid- summer. In 44 years of existence, the historical record of production of about 500 million kilowatt –hours, was achieved four years ago, due to the extremely favorable hydrology, said from “Spilje”.

The “Lake Debar” reservoir currently has reserves for production of over 40 million kilowatt hours, and the average inflow is 21 cubic meter of water per second.

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