Concessionaire will build the highway to Kosovo

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has signed an agreement with the international financial institution IFC, which should prepare the documentation for a tender for concession of the highway Skopje – Blace.

The tender for selection of a concessionaire is expected to be released after the presidential election.

13 km road needs to be built to Blace and the concession is likely to be offered on 35 years.

With the construction of this section, Skopje will connect to the border with Kosovo with a highway.

The route starts from the Skopje Ringroad and moves towards the border with Kosovo at Blace. The road has a total length of 13 kilometers and is part of the main route from Skopje to Pristina.

The total width of the road is projected to be 27.4 meters with two- lane road with two lanes in one direction, 3.75 meters long each, and a stopping lane of 2.5 meters, as well as the shared lane road between the two roads. The total value of the project is EUR 69 million. The construction of this road is part of the project for road concession.

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