Macedonians to have internet at minimum of 30 Mbps by 2020

Within six years, all internet users in Macedonia, regardless of whether they are in urban or rural areas, will be able to access the internet at a speed not less than 30 Mbps, according to the regulations for the construction of public electronic communications networks and associated facilities, adopted by the country's Agency for Electronic Communications (AEK), reports Kapital. 
Currently in Macedonia, only 3.61 percent of users have access to the internet at speeds greater than 30 Mbps. According to AEK director Robert Ordanoski, 2014 will be the year of investments in fixed telephony in order to create the conditions for the development of next generation fixed networks with ultra-high speeds. In order to reduce costs, the regulator will strive for cooperation between operators, other institutions and public-private partnerships. 

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