Slatko of the company “Jomi Food” from Veles will be branded

“Jomi Food” from Veles is the company whose slatko will get a new, authentic design and brand identity by the young creatives under the project implemented by Movement “Bravo, son.”

The range of slatko from several types of fruits, presence in the retail and use of home raw material, were crucial for the selection of “Food Jomi” among many companies that have applied on the call.

- We are especially pleased with the interest for improving the design and branding. At the call, from June 17 to July 1, applied several companies, but only ended as finalists, “Jomi Food” and “Bonviver” which produces interesting species of slatko with accessories – cinnamon, almonds. However, due to its weak presence in the market, was selected “Jomi Food”, said today at a press conference Angelka Peeva Laurenchich, Board member of the Movement for supporting creativity – Ivo Laurenchich – “Bravo, son.”

“Food Jomi” works for eight years and is present at domestic and foreign market. Aimed mainly at producing ajvar, but in the portfolio are seven types of slatko from cherry, orange, wild blackberry, raspberry, green fig, strawberry, and aronia following the traditional recipe, with the idea to return the youth to tables.

- We expect increased sale from the new design, as the slatko will get fresh new character, will become recognized and attractive to consumers, said the owner of “Food Jomi” Zoran Avramov.

According to him, the attractive packaging is extremely important product marketing, but the quality is crucial.

Call for selection of young creative artist will be announced in the coming days and will run until September 1. The best solution will be published on Skopje Design Week and will get 200,000 denars cash prize that is provided by the movement for support of creativity – Ivo Laurenchich – “Bravo, son.”

- All designers that will apply on the competition, will have serious challenge because when it comes to specific customer and product, you should get into the story and narrate it. Exactly the traditional products which have history and story are the opportunity of Macedonia to build brands and sell products with higher added value, said Martha Naumovska Grnarova, representative of Skopje Design Week.

The motto of this year’s Skopje Design week is “Fourth shift”. – For three years we persistently emphasized that we work to unite companies and designers in order to build new brands, which practically means boost in design in the function of business, highlighted Naumovska Grnarova.

According the Agreement for cooperation, “Jomi Food” will have to change the overall look of products within one year. The first quantities of slatko with new design will be launched in the markets during the New Year holidays.

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