Top 5 New investments coming to Macedonia

Macedonia is on the verge of a new investment boom. The construction process of many new factories of foreign investors is scheduled to begin by the end of this year. Some of them will begin operations in existing facilities, as brownfield investments. “Lider” analyses which are the top 5 new investors which have chosen Macedonia as a destination to locate their production processes and doing business.

“Weibo Group” – the textile giant which will also manufacture steel profiles
The textile giant has increased its appetites for this country. During the meeting with Macedonia’s Government delegation in China, the management has presented its future plans. Besides the integrated textile zone in Rankovce, the Group plans to build two more factories for steel profiles production, aimed for construction purposes. The number of employees is expected to rise up to 5.000 in several years.

“KSS” to revive Kicevo industry
The American company KSS (Key Safety Systems) will start operations in 2014 as a brownfield investment in the existing premises of EMO and one more abandoned facility unit. The USD 20 million worth investment is expected to create 1.000 new jobs.

German “ODW Elektrik” – new hope for Ohrid economy
Germany company ODW Elektrik has already begun to scan new job candidates, and some of them have already been sent to training abroad. The company will launch a trial production processes by the end of this summer, while building their own factory facility on 10.000 square meters near “St. Paul the Apostle” Airport in Ohrid and Mislesevo village. The EUR 15 million worth investment is expected to open 1.000 jobs.

“Energy Limited” will invest in ecotechnologies
By the end of 2014 the Ukrainian company Energy Limited from Kiev will kick off its facility construction in Bunardzik 2, right next to Belgian company “Van Hool”. The company plans to invest USD 18 million in a 20.000 square meter factory, thus opening 150 direct and at least 50 indirect jobs.

Italian “Diatec” positions itself in Macedonia
Global digital printing technology leader, Italian company Diatec, is expected to begin the factory construction in Bunardzik in the course of this year. The EUR 10 million investment will create 200 jobs.

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