Macedonian textiles on Scandinavian markets

Macedonian textile companies are conquering Scandinavian market. At the begin of the year they did presentation with own stand at the second edition of international fashion fair in Copenhagen.

- It should be taken into account that this is completely new market and that we are slowly conquering it. This was excellent opportunity for Macedonian companies to be introduced with the fashion style designs offered by these brands, say from the Agency for foreign investments and export promotion.

They point that it is completely different fashion then the other EU countries, i.e. Scandinavians are known for simple and subtle outlook when we are talking about cloth choice.

As informed the Agency for foreign investments and export promotion, companies have presented at the stand, after at the beginning of the year during the first edition of the textile fair was organized business event with B2B meetings, and as result of it was initiated the cooperation between the companies from Macedonia and Denmark and Sweden.

In January, the companies had more than 50 meetings with the Scandinavian brands. The organizers expect that the B2B meetings with the companies to lead to cooperation.

The Agency for foreign investments and export promotion, Swiss program for promotion (SIPPO) and Association for textile and trade of Macedonia organized the joint fair presentation of the textile companies.

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