City of Skopje prepares for Boulevard of 2.5 km in Aerodrom

Recently was put in use the first part of the reconstructed boulevard “Third Macedonian Brigade” in Aerodrom and city officials are already preparing for the second phase expansion of the section, in which will be built two new lanes to Tobacco company premisses.

It is already announced call for preparation of the project relating to the move from the point where the first phase ended, which is the gas station near the high school “Dimitar Vlahov” in Micurin to the junction with Tobacco Company. The length of section is about 1.2 km, writes Dnevnik.

After completion of the work, we will get whole new boulevard of 2.5 kilometers in the eastern part of the city, which will allow fast and smooth flow of vehicles from Lisiche and Aerodrom to the central area. The project should provide transport solutions for two new lanes, bike paths, sidewalks, sewers, and new lighting. The announcement for project ends today.

The first phase of converting street into boulevard ended last month. In relation to the start of construction of the second phase, the city is hoping that all the technical stuff will end quickly and to focus on construction.

- We hope to begin construction work until the New Year, but in any case, it depends on the project and contractor selection, inform from the Department of Public Relations for Dnevnink.

After completion of both phases of the reconstruction and expansion of the “Third Macedonian Brigade” will come to order the third stage, which is likely to be financially costly, because it means breaking the street at the police station, “Prolet”, which will connect boulevard Kocho Racin with former “Jugodrvo”. This will facilitate smooth flow of vehicles towards the pool, which coming from Michurin towards Center will have to turn left towards the building of “Kjubi”.

According to the General Urban Plan, planned road passing through the courtyard of the high school “Korchagin” and thus to be expropriated and private facility, but the project will show whether it is necessary.

According to the detailed plan for the area, named as “South-central area,” planned is penetration through the street at the parking lot “Kjubi” street October 11. This concept is related to the third phase of the “Third Macedonian Brigade” and has to do with the project of the city because the new street should be merged with the city it intends to break the police station “Prolet”.

In this way, we will get traffic solution that will allow quick flow of vehicles moving towards green market or to the pool without unnecessary spin, as it was before.

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