Ohrid gets Film Academy

Owing to the cooperation between the Macedonian government and FAMU International, the prestigious film and TV school in the Czech Republic, Ohrid as of this academic year is the host of a new public and scientific institution called the Institute for Film – Film Academy.

According to Deputy Education Minister Spiro Ristovski, this kind of cooperation is ‘one of a kind’ between FAMU and another country. “It comes as a result of the efforts made by members of the international team, including officials of FAMU and the Ministry of Education, in a bid the Film Institute to become part of the Macedonian educational system.”

The Film Institute, he added, will be an additional member of the Stip University offering 3-year master’s degree studies in screenwriting and creative post-production. The classes, held in English, are adjusted in line with the standards, principles of FAMU in Prague, the fifth oldest film school in the world.

Enrolment in the second cycle of studies starts today and runs until Oct. 4, namely students are invited to fill out an electronic application that can be found on www.filmacademyohrid.com. Interviews with candidates are scheduled to be held on Oct. 13-14.

Additionally, the Ministry of Education will award 20 full fellowships to students who will be admitted to master’s degree programs in screenwriting and creative post-production.

“The government and the Ministry of Education and Science will be committed to turning the Film Institute into a regional higher educational institution considering the huge interest shown for these studies and the potential of Ohrid to attract students from abroad,” Ristovski told a news conference.

The initiative to open film studies in Ohrid was launched seven years ago by two FAMU alumni, Macedonian film director Ivo Trajkov and Czech filmmaker Thomas Petran.

“This idea is being realized after seven years of hard work… Many people and institutions have contributed to its realization. This school in Macedonia is also the resumption of the years-long tradition of cultural cooperation between the two countries, established as early as 863 AD when the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius had arrived in Moravia in their all-Slavonic educational mission,” Metran said amongst other things.

During negotiations over the opening of a film school in Macedonia, FAMU’s representatives had insisted the institute to be based in Ohrid due to its exceptional cultural heritage and breathtaking nature.

Founded in 1946, FAMU is widely considered the best film school in Europe whose alumni include many world-renowned and award-winning filmmakers, such as Milos Forman, Emir Kusturica, Rajko Grlic, Agniezska Holland, etc.

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