Macedonian Economy grew by 8.6% in September

Economic growth in Macedonia is picking up, based on continuous industrial growth, which rose to 8,6 percent in September, compared to September 2014. Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Zoran Stravreski, quoted in the media, said that this level of growth, under complicated political circumstances, is a strong response from the economy that it is resilient, but that it needs political stability.

"Long term economic policies are the best and most important condition for economic growth. The growth we are recording is significant, given that it comes from multiple industrial branches, especially in the important manufacturing industry which is the corner stone of our industrial production. Macedonian industry is expected to finish the year with a solid positive output, giving us one of the highest growth rates in the region", Stavreski said. Manufacturing grew by 11,2 percent and the growth in the food industry stood at 20 percent.

For the entire 2015 so far, industrial output has grown by 2,5 percent, and the number of employees in the industry has risen by 1,2 percent.

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