Ethanol Europe Renewable and American DuPont major investing in Prilep

Irish company Ethanol Europe Renewable and American DuPont will soon begin building modern factory for production of cellulosic ethanol in Prilep region.

This provides the Memorandum for cooperation, which was signed yesterday by the Minister for Foreign Investment Bill Pavleski, President Ethanol Europe Renewable Marc Tarle and Director of DuPont Jan Koning, whose goal is to provide relief to the development of their project.

DuPont is within the world’s top 50 companies

American DuPont is company, which has the experience of over 200 years in variety of industries in more than 90 countries worldwide. They market to the global market brought the world famous science and engineering through innovative products, materials, and services.

Each year they present thousands of new products and proprietary products that are used in agriculture, nutrition, electronics and communications, safety and protection, home and construction, transportation and apparel. DuPont is proud to create new partnerships, which is trying to solve the great challenges of today.

They aim to provide enough healthy food for people around the world, to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and protect people and the environment for the next generations. Employees in this company strive to contribute to their communities worldwide.

DuPont has received numerous awards for his work throughout the world and are on the list of 50 most assured companies in the world. They are also found on the list of 27 companies that have changed the world, the list of top 100 places for mothers with careers, the list of 100 most innovative companies, and many others.

The company in 2013 was declared as the best place to work by The Scientist.

Director of DuPont Jan Koning said yesterday that currently build plant cellulose and ethanol in the United States to serve as example for the plant to be built in Prilep.

- Just like the project we build in the United States, we see great benefits from the project in Prilep for farmers and the community. DuPont is leader in agriculture and good agricultural sector around the world are very important to us, Koning said.

Ethanol Europe Renewable Limited is company that annually uses about 650,000 tons of maize, which produce up to 280 million liters of ethanol.

Also, produce 160,000 tons and high protein cattle food, 5,000 tons of corn oil.

The company uses closed system of production, which reduces the amount of waste material and water is purified and re-used for production. Company manufacturers produce environmentally friendly ethanol.

- Ethanol is one of the best opportunities we have available to return in European life less populated rural areas and create rural development that is sustainable. “Pelagonia ethanol project” to grow plants for energy production, and food plants covering about 20 thousand hectares of abandoned and degraded land in Pelagonia and Mariovo, said Marc Tarle, adding that the plant which will be grown will begin the process of conversion of abandoned land into productive part of the Macedonian economy.

The project envisages construction of Prilep modern bio factory with capacity of 100 million liters, and production will be destined for the world market. The total investment for period of five years will be over 250 million and will create 1,000 direct jobs. The construction of the plant would start in 2016 and would last two years.

Ethanol plant would mean complete revitalization and revival of Mariovo region, which for years was completely abandoned and stalled as investors grow crops for ethanol production on agricultural land neglected in Prilep.

Negotiations to build factory in Prilep with Government lasted more than two years. Investors emphasized that ethanol made ​​from plant sources is the most important substitute for fossil fuels used in cars and homes.

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