Macedonia to Export Lamb to China

Macedonia has signed agreement to export lamb meat in China and to expand the marketing of dairy products, the Food and Veterinary Agency (FVA) announced Tuesday.

The agreement followed a visit by a senior Chinese delegation that was introduced to the animal food security system in the country, which included official controls performed by FVA, animal health, the implementation of legal regulations concerning food safety, monitoring plans, laboratory facilities and food operators.

The Chinese delegation led by Deputy Director General of the Department for registration at the Institute for Certification and Accreditation, visited several facilities and food operators in the past four days - the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine laboratories, a facility for production, processing and handling of milk products, two slaughterhouses approved for lambs’ slaughtering, a facility for the production, processing and handling of meat products, a facility for production of animal feed, a sheep farm and a facility for wine production.

The delegation included the Deputy Director of the Department of Food Supervision at the Border Inspection and Quarantine Bureau as well as the CEO of the Inspection and Quarantine Institute.

"After the inspection and the field activities it was established that the food security control system in Macedonia is on very high level in terms of administrative procedures and in terms of construction, technical and technological readiness or placement of the food operators in general. High standards have been achieved in terms of food safety that provide adequate assurance for safe and quality products, "informs the FVA. 

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